Call 911
Call 911 to report an unprotected street opening that could cause an accident.

Need something else?

You can report a pothole or cave-in on a street, including in a bike lane.

A pothole is either a circular-shaped or a shallow hole or crack in the street surface.

A pothole is not:

  • Found inside a repaired patch of the street. To report this, go to the Street Repair Complaint page.
  • A deep or hollow hole. This is considered a cave-in.
  • Located next to a catch basin. To report this, go to the Catch Basin Complaint page.

What Happens Next

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will fill most potholes within 15 days.

A cave-in is a collapse of the roadway surface in which the pavement has cracked apart and fallen into a deep empty space without a solid bottom beneath the surface. Large pieces of pavement can be seen in the hole. The edges of a cave-in are usually jagged and the surrounding roadway surface may be sunken.

What Happens Next

The Department of Transportation (DOT) investigates reports of cave-ins, determines who is responsible for restoring the roadway and then refers the cave-in to that agency or utility for repair. DOT is not responsible for the repair of any cave-ins.

Information about the agency or utility responsible for repairing the cave-in will be available within 10 days of submitting a Service Request.