Call 911
Call 911 to report an accident or immediate danger.

You can report crane or derrick operation that is unsafe or without a permit, license, or certificate. Violations are issued when appropriate.

A crane is a large machine used to lift and lower heavy materials and transport them to other places.

It may have:

  • A hoist
  • Wire rope
  • Chains
  • Sheaves

A derrick is a type of crane with a movable, pivoted arm and one tower as a pole hinged freely at the bottom. A basic derrick is controlled by lines, usually four of them, connected to the top of the mast and powered manually or with motors.

Most derricks are stationary while cranes can move from place to place.

In your report include:

  • What is being hoisted
  • If items are being hoisted over pedestrians
  • How the crane or derrick is unsafe
  • If a permit is posted

Call 311 for assistance.

The Department of Buildings investigates complaints about licensed crane or other hoisting machine operators, including complaints of license fraud.

Examples of license fraud include:

  • Getting a license illegally
  • Forging a license
  • Lying about your qualifications to perform work safely

Call 311 for assistance.