You can file a complaint against a commercial business if:

  • The business has no private carter
  • The private carter decal is not posted
  • There is improper disposal of commercial garbage

To report improper disposal of commercial garbage, you must have two addresses:

  • Where the garbage came from
  • Where the garbage was improperly disposed

Call 311 for assistance.

What Happens Next

The Department of Sanitation responds to commercial garbage disposal reports in 3 to 7 business days.

Private Carter Decal Posting Requirements

Businesses that use the services of a private carter must post a decal that clearly states the carter's name and the days and times that the refuse is picked up. Businesses without decals are subject to a fine. 

Businesses that transport their refuse personally must post their Business Integrity Commission Self-Hauler registration.

You can file a complaint that commercial waste disposal companies, also know as private carters, are not following Business Integrity Commission (BIC) rules and regulations. Private carters are regulated by BIC.

While all Department of Sanitation garbage trucks are white, garbage trucks of any other color are private companies and are regulated by BIC.

Private carter trucks must:

  • Be marked with the company’s name and business address
  • Have orange BIC-issued license plates in addition to State-issued license plates

BIC accepts the following complaints against private carters:

  • Traffic safety problems (speeding, running red lights, driving the wrong way on a one-way street, etc.)
  • Mixing of garbage, recyclables, and organics
  • No BIC license plate on trucks
  • Company business name and address not marked on trucks

Following an investigation, violations are issued as appropriate.


Report a problem with a private sanitation carter.

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.