New York City provides referrals for all recommended immunizations for children ages 4 and older.

You can also get referrals for:

  • Children under 4 years of age
  • School medical exams
  • Tuberculosis (TB) tests

As of January 1, 2015, New York City Health Department clinics adopted new health insurance and billing practices in order to comply with State law and Medicaid rules. If you are 19 or older, immunization clinic staff will ask for your health insurance information or a sliding scale fee based on your income and family size. If you do not have health insurance or cannot pay the fee, you will still get services.

NYC Health + Hospitals offers comprehensive medical care for all New York City children from birth to age 21. Vaccinations are also available by appointment for children 0-2 years old at all NYC Health + Hospitals health care centers.


Learn more about immunization clinics.

Learn more about health insurance billing and fees at immunization clinics.

Find a NYC Health + Hospitals’ health care center.

Use the NYC Health Map to search for immunization sites.

By Phone

Call 311 for assistance.

A vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and other diseases caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) is available. The HPV vaccine can be given to males and females ages 9 to 26.

The Department of Health clinic offers the vaccine to patients 9 through 18 years of age.

NYC Health and Hospitals clinics also offer the vaccine. You should contact NYC Health and Hospitals to determine eligibility to receive the vaccine.

Learn more about HPV.

Contact NYC Health and Hospitals.

Use the NYC Health Map to search for immunization sites.

Information about clinic locations for meningitis vaccinations is available by calling any NYC Health and Hospitals clinic for an appointment. Meningitis vaccines for travel purposes are not provided.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) walk-in clinics provide meningitis vaccinations only for adolescents 11-18 years of age.

Learn more about meningitis.

Use the NYC Health Map to search for immunization sites.

The City does not provide travel shots such as vaccinations against typhoid or yellow fever.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offers information and resources to find clinics for travelers.

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