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The CleaNYC Program is currently suspended.

CleaNYC’s Sidewalk Power Washing Program is for heavily trafficked commercial areas in all five boroughs. It is a joint effort by the Mayor’s Office and NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

CleaNYC trucks use an advanced method of pressurized water and heat to clean. There are no chemicals involved.

Trucks will clean one side of the street and then circle back to clean the opposite side of the street. On average, it takes one hour to clean one block.

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CleaNYC corridors are selected by EDC based on:

  • Density of commercial activity (retail areas)
  • Heavy pedestrian trafficked areas including areas with several bus or subway stations
  • 311 complaints for lack of cleanliness
  • Selection of a diversity of neighborhoods to ensure all five boroughs receive the free service

EDC has identified the commercial locations for the first year of the program. CleaNYC is not available for residential neighborhoods, and requests for specific areas are not accepted. Additional locations will be considered in the future.

CleaNYC trucks will operate between 12 AM - 8 AM. 

CleaNYC will not operate during the winter.

You can make a noise complaint about CleaNYC.

Call 311 for assistance by phone.

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