• Animal Abuse

    Report abuse or neglect of an animal.

  • Animal Bite

    Report an animal that bit a person.

  • Bed Bug Complaint

    Report bed bugs.

  • Bed Bug Prevention and Control

    Learn about preventing and getting rid of bed bugs safely, including how to comply with a NYC Health Commissioner's Order.

  • Bees or Wasps Complaint

    Make a complaint about bees or wasps.

  • Dangerous Animal

    Report an animal causing a dangerous or hazardous condition.

  • Dead Animal

    Report a dead animal or an unusual cluster of dead birds. Request the removal of dead deer from residential private property.

  • Deer

    Learn about white-tailed deer and how you can live safely with them.

  • Dog or Animal Waste

    Report dog or animal waste in a park or on a street, sidewalk, or private property.

  • Feral Cat

    Learn about feral or community cats and the NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI).

  • Illegal Animal

    Report a person selling or keeping a wild or illegal animal as a pet.

  • Injured or Sick Animal

    Get help for an injured or sick animal.

  • Mosquitoes

    Learn about spraying schedules and preventing mosquitoes by getting rid of standing water. Report an unusual number of mosquitoes during Mosquito Season.

  • Pest Control

    Learn about controlling rats, mice, and bugs and pest control training for the public and professionals.

  • Pesticide Application Without Notice

    Report someone using a pesticide without warning occupants or neighbors in advance.

  • Pests

    Report mice, bed bugs, fleas, flies, or roaches in an apartment or in a public area of a residential building.

  • Pigeon Droppings Health Effects

    Learn about the potential health hazards of pigeon droppings and how to clean them up properly.

  • Pigeon Trapping Without Permit

    Report someone trapping pigeons without a permit.

  • Rabid Animal

    Report an animal that may have rabies, dead or alive.

  • Rabies Protection

    Get the "Rabies: Protecting Yourself and Your Pets" brochure.

  • Rat or Mouse Complaint

    Report rats, mice, and conditions that might attract them.

  • Rat Poison Sign

    Learn about rat poison signs posted in neighborhoods.

  • Wild Animal

    Get information about wildlife, including how to report wild animals or the removal of wildlife from a park.

  • Wild Animal Exhibition Permit

    Apply for a permit to exhibit exotic or wild animals for movies, commercial purposes, science, education, or display.